Student Artist

Thank you for looking at my carrd!!
Its very nice to meet you! :D

🍪My name is Cookie!🍪

Sexuality?? Never heard of her

I have many many interests that include liking animation and having a big interest in making characters and creating story and etc.

I love making new friends but I'm really shy and most of the time I won't directly talk with people but I'm always willing to have fun chats if prompted!!

*I actively use he/him so please use them! You may also use she/her but I rather you not unless we're close

These are all my friends! I care about them :)

My family!!

These are my very best friends! They are like family to me and they help me each and everyday!

Strawberry :)

gets her own lil spot hehe she's so cool!

They're good

funny funny ppl :)) hehe

Nice things my friends has said about me :)

(stole this from lucas)

cant wait for the day cookie f#cking snaps - lucas

me when I don't get the cops called on me for trying to break into cookies house: RIP to the others but I'm different - keiko

back into the cage with you - noni

Do not interact if:

You think physically or mentally hurting someone or something is seriously okay :)

Also don't be a freak
General DNI apply

My Kins! :D

NOTE: I don't take kinning all too seriously, doubles are okay especially since a majority of my kins aren't owned by me! I just vibe with these fictional characters

Kins from Media

Kins from my Friends!

Literal Kins!

NOTE2: I'm only comfy with close friends kinning my sonas sorry <:)


Other Stuff

  • I have mental illness :)

  • There is a high possibility I will misread and misunderstand something so i'm terribly sorry in advance i am trying my best

  • If something I say bothers you please tell me! I literally cant and won't tell if something is bothering someone most of the time :(

  • I don't use tone indicators but feel free to tell me if you prefer I use them when talking with you! I'll try my best!

  • If youre confused about anything on this carrd or something just ask! I rather answer lots of questions then have assumptions about myself :)

List of stuff i like!
(Not in any order)

‼️🛑I'm very critical of all media i consume🛑‼️

No piece of media is entirely devoid of problematic content
You can enjoy aspects of things while still recognizing faults in them
Please don't come at me for anything on my lists

💖 - Fixating
✨ - Favorite


  • Keroro gunso/Sgt Frog ✨

  • Moomins 💖

  • Soul Eater ✨

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Toilet-bound Hanako-kun ✨

  • Demon Slayer

  • Kill la Kill

  • Great Pretender

  • My Hero Academia

  • Deca-Dence

  • She-ra

  • Adventure Time

  • Hilda

  • Kipo

  • Pokemon ✨

  • Digimon ✨

  • The Last Airbender

  • My Little Pony: FIM

  • Gravity Falls

  • Over the Garden Wall

  • Ducktales

  • Steven Universe

  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil

  • Osomatsu-san

  • Devilman Crybaby


  • Many ghibli movies fav is spirited away ✨

  • Pokemon movies! ✨

  • Digimon movies!

  • Lu Over the Wall

  • All the keroro movies slap ✨

  • Classic Disney movies

  • Guardians of Ga'Hoole (nostalgia movie)

  • (i cant remember if i like any non animated movies,,,)

  • GODZILLA... i like some of those movies yeah


  • Pokemon :) ✨

  • Cookie Run ✨

  • Animal Crossing

  • Kirby

  • Rune Factory 4 ✨

  • Wadanohara

  • Just Shapes & Beats

  • Spiritfarer

  • Persona (i like the animated series of 4 too)

  • Minecraft

  • Undertale ✨

  • Deltarune ✨

  • Little Nightmares

  • Among us

  • One shot

  • Friday night funkin' ✨

  • Omori ✨

  • Gregory Horror Show

  • Professor Layton

  • Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Muse Dash ✨

  • IB, Mad Father, etc (love rpg maker horror games)